Accident and evidence preservation techniques for use during discovery and at trial

Techniques in scene and evidence preservations, used during discovery, and display at trial.

Presenter: Morgan Smith, Cogent Legal

April 5, 2018
Noon to 1:15 p.m.
Lincoln Law School

Come learn how the latest technology has dramatically changed the way attorneys think about evidence preservation from the earliest stages of the case. This presentation will give you a hands on look at the vast array of data collection techniques available today — such as laser scans of scenes, and evidence, drone scans, 4k video, 360-degree photo, and video recordings, 3D models, laser printing, and…. much more. This talk will cover not only the technology, but examples of these techniques, and how they are actually leveraged in litigation to the fullest possible extent. We will also look at the cost benefit analysis of each of the various tools and under what situations each might be best suited, as well as the expert foundations necessary for admission of such evidence at trial.

Morgan C. Smith, who is the founder of Cogent Legal, spent most his legal career dedicated to litigating high-value plaintiff cases while a partner at the Arns Law Firm. Seven years ago, Morgan combined his litigation background with strong creative and visual communication skills to found Cogent Legal, a litigation graphics company. Morgan’s unique skill set enables him to strategize with other attorneys, while his team creates persuasive visuals to make their case. His guiding principle for any demonstrative is: Strong Advocacy + Great Visuals = Winning Results.