Prepping for trial from the beginning

Dan Schaar will talk about the process he employs from the client intake all the way through verdict in order to achieve these results. From witness and client preparation to continuously framing and re-framing the defense arguments, Dan will provide you will some key tools that you can take into your practices and start applying today.

This will not be a CLE about war stories and success in the Courtroom. You are not going to get better by hearing the story about some great cross examination or a beautiful closing argument, but rather you are going to get specific tools that will work with every case, from the soft tissue fender-bender to the catastrophic brain injury. The goal will be to help you develop a gameplan that works from the beginning so you can achieve full justice for your clients.

About Dan Schaar, Schaar & Silva, LLP. Dan is an instructor with the Trojan Horse Method, a program that specializes in training lawyers in the art of trial practice. For the past few years he has been lead counsel on a number of 7-figure verdicts, and he has also consulted on cases around the country that have resulted in 6 and 7-figure verdicts and settlements. Many of the these cases were deemed “unwinnable.”