Orthopedic extremity and spine injuries caused by low impact mechanisms; a clinical perspective

Attendees can expect to take away some clinical thoughts and practical ideas, from experienced clinical treatment experts, regarding how to address the always puzzling, challenging and common scenario of; my client is in real pain pretty much around the clock but the imaging scans all look pretty awful with plenty of pathology and there’s only $1000 in visible property damage to my clients vehicle and the photos are far less than impressive

Pamela Mehta, MD – General Orthopedic Surgeon – USC Graduate with 5 years of experience with Kaiser. Private Practice now called Resilience Orthopedics focusing on Trauma and Sports related joint injuries affecting knees, hips and shoulders primarily
Kenneth Light, MD – Orthopedic Spine Surgeon – Cornell Graduate with 30 years of orthopedic spine surgery experience focusing on traumatically induced spine and disc injuries along with age related degenerative injuries.