2024 SCCTLA Sponsors

ADR Services, Inc.
ADR Services, Inc. is the preeminent alternative dispute resolution provider firm in California. Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality, integrity, and efficiency to the alternative dispute resolution process by offering an outstanding group of mediators, arbitrators, referees, appellate consultants and private judges, combined with superior case management services.
T: Joanna Barron at (415) 772-0900

Briski Mediation
A former SCCTLA Member, and now full-time mediator, Kael Briski has successfully mediated hundreds of cases via Zoom. He is proposed by Plaintiff's and Defense counsel Statewide and is especially knowledgeable and effective mediating employment law matters as well as personal injury claims. Mediation fee: $6,000.00 full-day $4,000.00 half-day.
T: Kael Briski at (408) 297-9100

Cogent Legal
At Cogent Legal, we craft high-quality demonstrative graphics designed to help you explain your case. We have decades of combined experience in creating persuasive trial exhibits for use in openings, closings, and witness examinations. Cogent Legal also provides strategic case consulting and trial support.
T: Audrey Murray at (510) 350-7616

Creative Legal Funding
“When bad things happen to good people." We can help with medical care on a lien basis, pre- and post settlement cash advances and more. CLF works directly with attorneys to help facilitate medical care for clients in need while supporting their daily living expenses with a non-recourse cash advance. CLF was founded by a former auto accident victim who knows firsthand the sometimes overwhelming financial and clinical challenges that each client may face.
T: Brett Hansbury at (916) 780-9080

Doctors on Liens
Doctors on Liens™ is a network of qualified medical professionals who specialize in Med/Legal evaluations and treatments on a LIEN basis. All doctors have had extensive background checks and passed our rigorous 5 step screening process. Services provided - Medical Services on a Lien, Orthopedic, Chiropractic, Neurology, Reconstructive Surgery, Psychology, Pain Management, Pharmacy and Transportation. We have field representatives to support our legal and medical professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern CA, Sacramento, Central California and Nevada.
T: Geri Ditto at (855) 362-5436
T: Doug Brooker at (925) 331-8165

Injury Institute
Injury Institute was founded 30 years ago. Throughout the years, we have established a network of the most prestigious doctors and medical services assisting the personal injury community with the best healthcare on a lien basis, attesting to the most reputable doctors with a thorough screening process.

Injury Institute provides branding, advertising, and marketing to its members through our platform and directory.

With our marketing strategies, we have helped the medical community and members of our network inform the general public who have suffered a personal injury and have legal representation, that they have an opportunity for excellent medical treatment on a lien basis. Benefiting those whose health insurances are not promptly providing the patient with medical appointments.

Injury Institute and its members stand with the same principles of outstanding customer service and with one goal: to help the patient recover their health. With locations all over California, we can ensure users of our platform and the directory they have at their fingertips with qualified medical services on a lien basis.

T: Maria Degarcia at (818) 795-1069


The world's largest private dispute resolution provider, JAMS and its panel of 400+ experienced mediators, arbitrators offer custom solutions to address conflict at any stage. Learn more about our in-person and virtual ADR services at jamsadr.com.
T: Erica Ploetz at (415) 774-2658

Sayler Legal
Sayler Legal Service is statewide, full-service legal support—process serving, copy service, e-filing and court services. We provide same-day court filings, skip tracing and courier messenger services. We are experts in the geographies of Monterey, San Benito Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties. Sayler is owned by Gemini Legal Support, Inc.
T: Sara Noorzad at (925) 550-1410

Settlement Planners
Settlement Planners, Inc. is a national structured settlement planning firm providing attorneys with analysis, design and implementation of periodic payment packages in the resolution of personal injury and wrongful death litigation. We are also the industry leader in the design and implementation of innovative attorney fee structures relevant to class action, taxable damages and other non-traditional structured settlement cases.
T: Rick Bishop at (916) 714-7200

Signature Resolution
Signature Resolution provides dispute resolution services across California with offices in Southern California, Oakland, and Santa Clara County. Our growing panel consists of successful mediators like Bruce Edwards, Vivien Williams, Arnie Levinson, and Rex Berry. Founded in 2017 with a vision of providing the highest level of service in the industry, Signature Resolution offers unrivaled expertise and commitment to the resolution of all types of disputes.
T: Dario Higuchi at (408) 381-2911

Verdict Group
Verdict Group is a legal visual presentation and trial science consultancy firm. We are experts in bringing together evidence – documents, graphics, audio, video, visualizations & animations, as well as physical objects – in an integrated fashion, into the courtroom, helping you tell better stories to juries and judges. We Practice Trial Technology, So You Can Practice Law.
T: Drew Lloyd at (408) 691-6699