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Zoom Jury Trials - Best Practices 2.0

Thursday, February 11th at 12 Noon

Experienced with more than 25 Zoom Jury Trials, Noah Wick, National Director of Litigation Consulting at Trial Exhibits, will provide an overview of using Zoom for litigation:

• Overview of the 7 Types of Virtual & Hybrid Jury Trials
• How the Zoom Voir Dire Process Worked
• What are the Key Features of Zoom that Impact a Jury Trial
• What Equipment is Needed and What is the Best Layout
• How Best to Prepare Your Experts/Witnesses for Virtual Testimony
• How to Avoid Audio Feedback and Use of Proper Lighting
• How to have Experts/Witnesses Annotate Live with Exhibits/Imaging
• How we Introduced, Admitted and Used Exhibits
• Use of Virtual Backgrounds, Breakout Rooms, Multi-
Pin and Multi-Spotlight
• Platforms for Internal Communications with Trial Team and Counsel
• Most Effective Demonstratives Used
• Discuss Juror Engagement Management During Trial
• Post-Verdict Feedback from Jury, Judge & Counsel

Noah is the National Director of Litigation Consulting at Trial Exhibits, Inc. He has over 15 years of trial consulting experience. He has consulted in over 5,000 litigation matters nationwide from filing of complaints, mediations, arbitrations, private trials, bench trials and jury trials. Noah advises trial teams on theme development, visual strategy and impression management through creating demonstratives, medical illustrations, animations and trial support running trial presentation software.

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