Judges' Night 2019 - May 14, 2019


You're Invited to Join the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association
SCCTLA is a non-profit organization committed to supporting members in their practice of law through networking, education & involvement with the local bench, providing the community with fair access to the justice system & promoting a positive image of Trial Lawyers.

SCCTLA is an organization of trial lawyers in Santa Clara County who work to preserve and protect the legal rights of consumers and seek justice for all.

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Join SCCTLA to help build your practice, better represent your clients, and help strengthen your career. SCCTLA membership is a great way to get practical experience to go along with the academic training, as well as invaluable (early) networking with lawyers and judges, which is increasingly important given the job outlook for most students and young attorneys these days.

Reasons to Join SCCTLA:
We’re an advocate for consumer rights, and at the forefront for fighting for consumer rights. We provide the tools to assist you in your daily practice through:

  • Timely and informative seminars with generous discounted admission for members.
  • Information resource for Trial Lawyers through the sharing and exhanging of information and ideas.
  • Local email list Serv for Sustaining and Regular members.
  • Networking opportunities and mentoring by senior attorneys. Access to some of the best Trial Lawyers in the country.
  • Annual Holiday Party honoring Trial Lawyer of the Year.
  • Annual Judges Night honoring our Judiciary.
  • Regular meetings with Judges.

As the cost of litigation keeps going up, we need your help to join us in finding better ways to serve our clients and continue fighting for consumer rights. Click here to download your membership application and join SCCTLA

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